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NWO Case Study:

Challenge: NWO IT Service’s request of us was simple, to increase sales.

Strategy: For starters, we began with weekly Facebook posts and a targeted advertising campaign. We then built them a new website and created a video to better help explain what they do and why people need it. Next we shifted our focus to SEO to help them rank for Managed IT Services in St. Louis. Lastly, we created a Google Display Ad campaign that helped increase brand awareness and generated leads. In addition to the items listed above, we helped NWO by creating Billboard Ads, Trade Show Banners, and 3 different print brochures.

Result: Over the last 36 months NWO’s Website traffic increased by over 5 1/2 times, and sales have increased by over 15-18% each year.

Aron Rauls | Building Products Corp
Client Testimonial

"The Inbound Blend team’s approach is like no other! Trust them with your marketing needs and you’ll reach your goals."‌
Nick Oughton
President of NWO IT Services