Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the vehicle for better organic search result rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. While no one can promise to know for sure what the search engines use to determine who is #1 they do give us clues. We then take these clues and use tools to help figure out what the top 10 results are doing and reverse engineer it if you will to help our clients achieve better search results.

Keyword Research

Every good digital marketing plan begins with keyword research. Without this information, it would be next to impossible for you to know what keywords would be best to improve your SEO ranking.

Industry Specific

When people look for the products and/or services you offer, what types of keywords do they type into search engines? We will help you to discover which keywords are already working well for you.

Optimized Content

Once we identify the keywords to use in your content, it’s time to write high-quality, relevant content that utilizes the appropriate keywords. This will help gain an improved search engine rank.

Can Your Web Pages Stand Alone?

The best websites are those that have excellent, stand-alone web pages. If someone were to visit just one page on your website, they should be able to get enough information about your business to know what it’s all about.

Worthwhile Investment

Search engine optimization takes up to six months to start showing results. Even so, it is a worthy, long-term investment that compounds over time.

Detailed Reporting

We believe an informed client is our best client, so we do everything we can to put information in your hands. You can count on access to monthly reports that show you exactly how your keywords are doing.

Get Started With Inbound Blend Digital Marketing

You need more website visits, more phone calls and more foot traffic in your stores. Our business is to get you more business, so you can tick off the planned milestones in your business plan. Our team has the skills, experience and tools you need to accomplish this and so much more. Book a meeting today to see how we can make this possible for you.

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Interested in our marketing plans?

Interested in our marketing plans?

Interested in our marketing plans?