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WordPress is the darling of the website-building world. A 2021 estimate from the Search Engine Journal estimates that almost 40% of all websites are WordPress sites. One thing that draws business owners to WordPress is how easy it is to do everything from creating a basic design to adding a blog and even an online store. However, not every business owner feels up to the task of WordPress website management or wants to build the site themselves. That’s where we come in.

Why You Need a WordPress Website

Simplicity is important in marketing and business. Even so, functionality is also important. WordPress brings many hidden gems to the table that takes time and effort to discover and bring to the surface. There are also thousands of plugins that can make a wealth of difference in how you run your site. For example, WordPress just partnered with Anchor to make it possible for WordPress users to turn their websites into automatic podcasts.

When you work with a professional website-building company, you increase your chances of maximizing the full potential of your website. Because Inbound Blend | Digital Marketing also brings a full marketing team and set of services to the table, we make website-building decisions for you that take these into consideration. These include the role social media, video marketing and search engine optimization might play in your website’s design and development.

Why You Should Always Hire Professionals for the Job

We have heard some horror stories from grateful clients we worked with. Some of the worst include getting locked out of their own websites after giving other people access to rebuild. Others have shared stories of half-finished jobs where freelancers disappear part-way. Sadly, some stories involve both situations.

Still, when you consider hiring professionals for your website needs, we don’t want you to make that decision from a place of fear. Instead, you should make the decision with high expectations in mind and hold our team accountable.

Better SEO Ranking

Search engine optimization is a separate service, but it is closely interlinked with most other marketing strategies. Website development and management are no exceptions. When you hire professionals to build your website, we handle both front-end and back-end SEO work to get you on the first page of search results for all the right reasons.

Better Conversion Rates

More organic foot traffic to your website is cool and all, but what’s the point if it doesn’t convert them into customers? We create websites that funnel customers into your sales stream. This improves your conversion rates and overall sales metrics. The higher your conversion rates, the better your ROI.

Better Credibility

Some business owners create amazing websites. For the most part, however, we can spot a website created by professionals compared to one that is not. This generation of tech-savvy shoppers who likely run their own blogs probably do as well. How they perceive your website can also determine how they rank your business in quality.

Better User Experience

When you hire professionals to unlock the full potential of your website, we design your website with the customer in mind. This, in turn, improves your customers’ experiences. Customers spend more time on websites they enjoy using, which increases the likelihood of them purchasing products or services.

Better Functions

We create websites that match your business goals and keep working even when you shut your physical doors. Because of this, it’s important that we include the right functions and tools. For example, we might install an app for booking clients or a way to order food online. Whatever function best suits your business, we’ll be sure to find it.

Additional Resources

Good marketing requires more than talent, skill and experience. It also requires the right tools. Agencies can purchase these tools and spread the cost out across dozens to thousands of clients. However, licensing these tools for individual use can be cost-prohibitive. We bring these and other resources to the table.

Interested in our marketing plans?

Interested in our marketing plans?

Interested in our marketing plans?