Addressable Geofencing That Improves Your Marketing Campaigns

Good marketing is not just about casting a wide net to catch as many customers as possible. It is about capturing specific user information within your target demographic. An effective geofencing service allows you to send customized digital display advertising to specific households and businesses that are likely to be warm leads.

Geofencing Technology Gives You Precision and Reach

GPS and the internet have created transformative new possibilities for online marketing. For example, you can save time and money by using precise location services to create a virtual perimeter for your outreach campaigns, which allows you to spend your resources focusing only on the customers most likely to buy from you.

Precise Location Based Marketing

Addressable geofencing campaigns use plat lines from public land surveying records and property tax data to verify the precise physical addresses of the customers you seek. Next, all of that data is uploaded to an online platform. This platform then uses those addresses to send out targeted digital display ads to all devices within the virtual boundary.

Reach More Customers with Each Campaign

Geofencing marketing is superior to IP-based approaches because IP addresses are commonly truncated to thwart unwanted advertising, limiting your ability to reach all customers. Instead, when you set up a geofence, it is already based on that customer's physical address as listed in tax records and property paperwork. If a customer enters or leaves the geographic location, you still have access to their device for 30 days.

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