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No matter the size of your business or the products or services you sell, the right branding and graphic design help weave your company’s narrative and connect you with your target audience. If you struggle in the areas of graphic design and branding, the experienced pros of Inbound Blend Digital Marketing are here to help you maximize your business potential. We look forward to showing you how much of a difference the right graphics and brand logo make in your business’s success. 

Understanding the Importance of Branding and Graphic Design

Before diving into how we handle your branding and graphic design needs, we first want to explain why the two components are so essential to your business operations:

You want to make a great first impression

You may offer the most high-quality products or services in your business sector, but if you cannot make a positive first impression on your target audience, they may never realize how great your company is. No matter if a person hears about your business through a business card, social media post or online ad, you want to use graphics and branding to strike the right chord that turns that individual into a lifelong customer and advocate.

You can turn consistency into credibility

Touching back on the many ways a person may hear of your business for the first time, no matter the touchpoint, you want to show consistency to build brand credibility. Making your branding consistent across social media platforms, your commercial site content and online ads help position you as an authority in your business niche.

You want to remain competitive

Business owners have plenty of free online design tools and software to use, which creates a low barrier to entry and more competition for your company. While you may use free design tools and software, a lengthy trial-and-error period may cost you more business than it earns you, and you may not stand out as much as you like if a lot of other entrepreneurs use the same technology. By leaving graphic design and branding to the professionals, you enjoy creative marketing and advertising solutions that may outpace your competition and help you rise to the top. Expert branding and design help you help your target audience solve a problem, answer a question or address a pain point. Further, by leaving the designing and branding to us, you have more time and energy to focus on your company.

You have a story to tell

Why did you initially start your business? What need do you want to meet for your target audience? The answers to these questions are part of your business's narrative, and you can use graphics to tell that compelling and convincing story.

Before diving into how we handle your branding and graphic design needs, we first want to explain why the two components are so essential to your business operations:

Brand Identity & Logo

A logo acts as a signature for your company. That’s why we recommend you go to every length to make your logo stand out for all the right reasons and catch a person’s eye. You want a design that immediately stands out the moment people see it, but you also need a logo that looks great on something as large as a billboard or as small as a business card. We can work with you to get an idea of your company culture and business story, essential factors in designing a fitting logo. Over time, we can also help you redesign your logo so that it always matches your most-current business vision.

For brand identity, our pros focus on your business’s visual aesthetic and how that translates across various channels. What kind of experience do you want your customers to have while shopping with your business? How would you like for them to feel? Do you have an idea of your brand’s essence, which may consist of graphics, colors, typography and illustrations? We help you answer these questions to solidify your brand identity. This is another commercial factor that may shift over time and another area where we can help you over the years.

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Print & Digital Advertising Design

Perhaps you have a great idea for an advertisement, but you struggle with the overall look and feel of your message. Our print and digital advertising design services take out the guesswork and make sure you deliver a message that leaves no room for misinterpretation or miscommunication, either of which may cost you more than you realize. Our experience stretches from magazines and print ads to consumer and trade channels. Our experts take things a step further and offer help with social media advertising, geo-targeted banners and displays for your brick-and-mortar store. Turn to us if you need insight on digital display ads, PPC campaigns, or remarketing campaigns.

Marketing Collateral Design

Do not discount the power of print in our modern age. Depending on your target consumer and business goals, catalogs, brochures, menus and pamphlets could still have their place in your advertising and marketing campaigns. Neglecting them could mean missing out on valuable and profitable commercial opportunities. Rather than research ways to make the most of print and print collateral, let us put our extensive experience and expertise to good use for you and your company. That way, you maximize brand loyalty, business development and brand awareness.

What if you already have print materials for your business? In that case, we can assist you with reinterpreting your materials for digital marketing purposes and distributing them through the proper channels.

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