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Social media has increasingly become one of the top ways people keep in touch. It also plays a big role in how people view brands and the corporate values that best align with their own. Social media marketing provides companies with the opportunity to capitalize on these trends. Through social media, business owners can personalize the brand and connect with customers in new ways.

Unfortunately, social media success takes work and can be a hit or miss for some brands across different platforms. This can cause companies to waste a lot of man-hours on tactics that simply do not work — or that do not work as well as the proven strategies we use at Inbound Blend Digital Marketing. Here are just a few reasons you should invest in social media and hire our team.

Targeted Marketing

Marketers and other business professionals talk a lot about ROI, but they don’t talk enough about the need for resources. To earn ROI, you must first have time, money and skill to invest. When money is short in the earlier stages of building your business, you probably invested your time and existing skills. However, paying for professional expertise can get you a much higher ROI on your investment.

To accomplish this, we combine data analytics with creativity. We collect accurate information about your real customers, not just the people following your brand’s accounts online. From there, we can create more targeted ads that account for their interests and demographic factors. We can also retarget these customers to keep them coming back for more to increase your chances of a referral.

Campaign Tracking

Want to know how well your campaign is doing? Why take our word for it? We are confident in the expertise and creativity of our team. So, we create a transparent process for you to track the performance of your ads. You can see what is bringing in customers for you and what approaches you might want to tweak or get rid of, altogether.

We can also tailor this information to suit your specific needs. These are some common metrics our clients have asked for over the years:

  • Website visits
  • Phone calls
  • Sales
  • Product ratings
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Sales Funnel Design

Chances are that you already designed your sales process and know how it works. You know the process that takes your customers from passersby to customers. However, what works in person might not work as well on social media. In fact, your social media sales funnel might differ from even your website. This is why so many smart business owners have landing pages that serve specific functions for different campaigns.

When we work on paid marketing campaigns for your business, we consider the factors specific to your business, the social media platform and the campaign. It does mean adding a few extra steps for ads across platforms, but that fine-tuning can yield much better results than pushing out the same content everywhere. One big reason for this is that demographics change across platforms.


Geo marketing plays a crucial role for businesses with brick and mortar locations or that serve a specific area. This might include restaurants, construction companies, law firms and stores. Even when companies have a more widespread reach, geo-marketing provides the opportunity to compete on a local and hyperlocal scale with the competition. After all, customers still have a choice between buying local or buying globally.

We work with our clients to determine the best geo-marketing strategy for their paid social media ads. Sometimes, this might include creating different content for various locations, using location cues that locals recognize. Other times, we might only need to change the wording of the ad for specific locations.

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Social media changes regularly and so do the industries that affect it. These include tech and even governance. For example, TikTok faced an enormous threat when the former U.S. president called for it to be banned. Similarly, Facebook now battles with Apple over the right to collect and use the data of Apple users. Meanwhile, in California, customers have more data privacy protections than anywhere else in America.

As forward-thinking social media marketers, our job is to monitor projected and actual changes in the market, so we can stay one step ahead. This prevents the likelihood of continuing to pour money into platforms that might no longer convert as changes are made.

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